There’s always something new to learn.

We can never know EVERYTHING… 

although people can sometimes seem like they do!! 🙂

–  Keep your eyes open to what’s going on around you.

Engage with your environment and keep discovering new things. Stay connected and interested with what’s happening out there in the world. Talk things over with people and see their perspective, not just your own.

– Keep your ears open and listen to what people have to say.

Give yourself time to process what you hear. When someone talks to us, our minds wander and we think about what we’re going to say next. It’s better to stop and really hear what someone’s saying. Otherwise you might miss something!

– Last but not least, keep your mind open.

This is the big one. We don’t know it all and we need to adapt and change where and when it’s necessary. If we don’t see other people’s perspective then we can literally close ourselves off from the rest of the world.

So go on seize the moment!

Get out there and learn.

You never know what you might find!

Open your mind and never stop learning!