Welcome back to my coaching blog, and apologies for not posting for a while!

We all have busy, busy lives and time can seem to rush past in a blur sometimes – but that’s another whole blog probably 🙂

The theme for today is spice and don’t panic I’m not going to start talking about your love lives!

What spice are you missing from your life? Is there something that you already have within you that’s just not being let out?

Maybe we could all improve our lives just a bit by adding a little twist of something new.


More than likely we all have a jar of Chinese Five Spice somewhere in our cupboards – guilty!

And we have maybe all laughed ourselves silly at Michael McIntyre’s sketch about it..

But how often do we actually get that spice out of the cupboard and use it in a recipe?

Well, all the budding Ken Hom’s out there who are using it as we speak, I salute you. But seriously…

What’s your spice? What hidden talent or dream is there lying deep within you just yearning to come out and spice things up?


It’s never too late to try something new.


Maybe you could enrol in a class and try something you’ve always wanted to do and never tried.

Or you could start a course and learn a new life skill or talent.

But whatever it is, why not make a decision to ignite a new interest in something today.


Go find the spice in your cupboard and start using it!



Coaching helps find the spice missing from your life!