EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique which is also known as ‘tapping’.

Gary Craig trained as an engineer at Stanford University. He developed EFT. As a personal performance coach he was interested in resolving emotional blocks to success.

This technique is a gentle therapy, sometimes described as an emotional version of Acupuncture but without the needles! An EFT session is a unique relaxation exercise that calms and removes emotional blocks enabling you to think more clearly and subsequently move confidently on with life.

Albert Einstein said “All matter is made of energy” and it’s believed that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system. Energy moves along meridian channels in our bodies and the end points are located at different areas around the upper body. While focusing intently on an emotion and gently tapping on each of the Meridian points the body can be rebalanced and our energy system cleared. It sounds simple, and that’s because it simple, and it works!

Before training as an EFT practitioner I had heard of EFT but knew little about it. In February 2015 I attended a financial workshop as part of my business CPD, continued professional development. I hadn’t realised previously that the workshop was run by an EFT practitioner. My experience of EFT was a huge emotional breakthrough, and what I learnt and experienced during that day was life changing.

I realised immediately the power and effectiveness of this simple technique and decided that I wanted to learn the skill in order to use it to help others as it had helped me. I studied the technique and qualified as a practitioner and use this amazing therapy to my clients.

EFT is effective for almost everyone and probably for almost anything!

We all have thoughts and feelings linked to events in our past, and sometimes these emotions can hold us back from achieving the success and happiness that we deserve.

This non-invasive therapy is particularly helpful to treat phobias, depression, addiction, and stress among other things. We can feel powerless to help ourselves when we are suffering with emotional crises, EFT is an effective learned skill to use yourself anytime, anywhere.

I offer private face to face sessions but mainly use Skype and other video messaging services for my coaching sessions. This is proven to be very practical and accessible and easily fits into a busy schedule while delivering a very focussed private session with none of the distractions of travel etc.