About me

I am a mind-body-spirit coach working with clients one-to-one, in groups, on the phone and on Skype. I treat my clients holistically, working with each individual ‘as a whole being’ and treating the mind, the body and the spirit. I believe we need balance between each of these to truly find peace, happiness and abundance. I treat and release emotional blockages that can hold us back from having the freedom to live the life we want.  I use a combination of performance coaching, EFT, NLP and traditional healing techniques in sessions tailor-made to suit each individual client’s needs.

I graduated from Simply Changing with a level 5 Diploma in Performance Coaching with NLP. This programme is academically accredited by EDI (Education Development International) and NCP (National Council for Psychotherapists). I am a member of the International Association of Professional Life Coaches. I’m a trained EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner, and have been a traditional/faith healer for twenty years.

What is performance coaching?

Coaching, not as a term but as a behaviour, originally comes from ancient Greece. Socrates taught his students using a unique form of questioning. Known as the Socratic Method, this form of questioning was self-reflective.

Coaching effectively enables us to deal with life as it is today while looking forward to tomorrow. A proactive process, it involves formulating plans and working towards changing our lives for the better. Taking small steps can bring about big changes. The coaching sessions will support you through a process of self-discovery, helping you to work towards achieving your goals. Coaching is helpful also with phobias, depression, relationship issues, anxiety, lack of motivation, confidence and self-worth, and PTSD.

Coaching is different to mentoring because it empowers an individual to find the answers they seek within themselves. Using good coaching skills within a supportive environment, the individual is guided towards finding their own potential and leading the life they dream of.

What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. We are all products of our thoughts. The brain is a muscle and like any other muscle it can be exercised. During our lifetime we lay down neural pathways through our actions and reactions. So our brains remember and reward us with ‘learned behaviours’. Once these behaviours have become imprinted they prove hard to change. Through NLP training and by using tried and tested techniques it is possible to ‘re-programme’ our minds and replace these behaviours with new ones that better serve the lives we lead.

Coaching incorporating NLP is productive for all aspects of life and is powerfully beneficial when used for business, personal life, relationships, sport, career, health and lifestyle.