Don’t worry I’m not encouraging everyone to take up knitting!

Unless of course you want to. In which case – that’s great, go for it. Knitting is a wonderfully creative, calming, satisfying and mindful thing to do. And there’s nothing like a personally handmade gift too..

But today’s coaching blog is about being inspired and bringing a little creativity into our lives.

You could start something new today.  There are lots of different creative things to choose from, not just knitting.. There’s painting, photography, beading, carpentry, upholstery to name but a few.

Sometimes this part of our lives can be lacking because as we become adults we lose the childish wonder we had for everything in the world and all the new things we discovered and wanted to learn about.

Life can take over, we ‘work, work, work’ with no time for play.

Children can happily spend hours drawing, glueing, cutting, painting. They love just making things. My grandma had a ‘really useful cupboard’ and we all loved that cupboard. It was filled with bits of string, ribbon, empty boxes and bottles, glitter, paint, glue. They were simple things that helped us make wonderful creations. I really miss that cupboard..

There is a belief that productivity and creativity leads to an increased sense of wellbeing. (Makes sense.)

So, if you’ve always had a desire to paint, why not give it a go. Or spend some precious leisure time creating a delicious meal rather than micro-waving a ready meal and sitting for hours in front of the TV with nothing to show for it afterwards.

Becoming lost in the process of creating something can really get your juices flowing. Displaying and enjoying the fruits of your labours or giving what you’ve created to someone as a special gift can feel so good.

You could take a camera out and about to capture some beautiful shots or start writing the book you’ve always dreamed of writing.

But whatever you choose to do. Enjoy it!

Coaching – bring creativity into your life!