Plans, plans, plans. They’re good, right? We all need a plan, because if we don’t have a plan then we’re just busy going nowhere fast. And that doesn’t sound good does it. It makes me think of a running race.. the fastest runner will not win the race unless he’s focussing properly on the route and knows which direction he’s running in!! The one who will win the race is the one who keeps his eye on the finish line and knows exactly where he’s going.

Research shows that 83 percent of us don’t know what our goal is. We don’t know where we’re headed in that running race, so we’re never going to finish first are we! Another 14 percent of us do have a goal. Yay! We’re the ones who know where we’re headed, and that’s great! But only 3 percent of us actually write our goal down. And guess what, those 3 percent out perform the rest of us and earn ten times more too. So, which group would you like to be in? Well, I’m sure writing down goals seems like a good thing to do, so I’m planning to get going with that one.

So the first step is to write down goals but the second part of this blog is about what to do the rest of the time. So my header was ‘Life is what happens while we’re busy making plans’. We already have the ‘making plans’ part covered now for the ‘life’ part.

‘If you turn your face to the sun, then the shadows will fall behind you.’

It’s a sort of glass-half-empty versus glass-half-full thing. Now, if you turn to face the sun then the shadows will fall behind you, and if you turn away from the sun then the shadows will be in your face. Each day that you wake, you are faced with the decision. Will you turn to the sun or will you turn away?

Don’t get me wrong, I know sometimes it’s hard.. But, this is not a dress rehearsal, and as it’s your life and it’s up to you how you live it, and nobody else. Today, make that work for you.

Write down your goals and then turn towards the sun and let all those shadows fall behind you.

We all have the unique ability to make our own life whatever we want it to be.

Have a fantastic week all of you and have fun working out your goals and writing them down.

See you soon!


Life is what happens while we are busy making plans.