Hello peeps!



I’ve been mulling something over recently..

Have you ever thought that people sometimes seem to fall for each other when they’re both starring on TV reality shows?


Think Strictly Come Dancing and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, for instance.


I was thinking this over, and wondered if this was because they are thrown together for hours on end, intensively working towards a shared goal, as a team. That’s the important point – AS A TEAM.


I started thinking, how this positive connection would translate into personal life, using coaching skills. We already use teamwork in business life, hopefully! But how about the most important part of our lives and the base from which everything else grows. With our loved ones.


We could bring this feeling of working as a team into our personal lives, with these same strong results.


I can be guilty of ‘going through the motions’ when it comes to life.  Get up, start your routine, sleepwalk through parts of your life, just ‘get by’. But what about treating simple tasks as teamwork? Giving them the same importance as we do at work. If not more.


‘Those that work together stay together’. Is that how it goes? Maybe not. But for now let’s use it, and anyway ‘those that play together, stay together’ can work just as well. Whether it be looking after the house, tending the garden, parenting, making a meal, planning child care or holidays. Whatever. That feeling of being a team will give us a stronger connection with those that matter the most!! Sounds great doesn’t it 🙂


I’m giving it a go. How about you?

It could be the little extra sparkle (and spice!) we need in this cold dark month of November!!

Please do leave any comments letting me know what you think and how you get on.


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