I haven’t posted a blog for quite some time, but felt absolutely compelled to write today..


While I was out jogging with my Jack Russell this morning my mind spun with thoughts of 9/11, fourteen years ago today. It was one of those momentous events that all of us old enough will remember exactly where we were, who we were with and even maybe what we wore, when we heard the news and saw the horrors unfolding on our TVs. I will always remember that day fourteen years ago today and the number of years ago it was, because my darling daughter was only a few months old, so 9/11 and her age will always be inextricably linked.


My first thought today is for all those who lost their lives and those who lost precious loved ones, and my prayers are with them all. The world changed in an instant that day, and so many things will never be the same as a result.


My second thought is how difficult it proves to be when we are living through dark times and trying to make sense of it all. It’s easy and completely understandable that we can lose sight of all the good there is in life, instead being plunged into despair. Why did it happen? How can evil prevail like this?


In dark times it’s difficult but important to really dig deep and find inner peace, turn to the light. It’s in the face of atrocities and war that we need to keep hope alive, if we lose this, we’re beaten. Sorry I do sound a bit preachy.. but today of all days, spend it wisely, leave anguish and pain at the door and invite love and compassion in.


A smile can go a long way.. and even more so a kind word or deed. So we can get out there today and spread some of the good stuff. This brings me to my third thought of the day – Love conquers all.


The only way to make it through the dark is to shine a light. Even the smallest of actions can make a big difference, so today show your loved ones you care, give a little extra time to friends, neighbours and colleagues. Tell those precious to you that you love them.


Never forget but never give up.


We will always remember the horrors of 9/11, but if it teaches us anything, it’s that life’s short and can be gone in an instant, so keep going with faith and love in your heart.


An attitude of gratitude can be hard, but today let’s thank the heavens for the gift of another beautiful day. A feeling of hope for the future and a strong belief in the power of good, that will be my driver today.

9/11 – Love conquers all
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