We all need to really love the skin we’re in.


It’s January. If you’re in the UK it’s also cold, wet and often windy. This photo was taken years ago. It’s not UK, cold, wet or windy. It’s taken in the summer and it’s St Tropez, in the South of France. But I look really happy. Even though I was running a gruelling 17k race, I was happy. Happy with my body. Not for how it looked, those thighs do look a little dimply if I’m brutally honest!! But I was happy for how it was working for me. It was working hard and taking me from start to finish of the race. And I didn’t come last either. Although there is another photo of me, where I’m being overtaken by three people who were running while joined together in a sort of inflatable swan outfit. Not very impressive on my part!!!


In January, most of us have New Year’s resolutions. A lot of them are about getting healthier, fitter and slimmer. We want to be the best version of ourselves possible. Put our best foot forward. It’s a new year. It’s time for an overhaul. Everywhere we look, there are adverts firing slogan’s at us. Get fit! Lose those extra pounds! New Year, new you.. It’s no wonder we’re hard on ourselves. We always feel we need to improve. And don’t get me started on all the airbrushed photos of models and celebs that give us impossible goals to reach..


This blog isn’t going to preach anything along those lines at all. It’s the opposite really. I just want to encourage you to go ahead and love the skin you’re in. Because it’s wonderful 🙂


Think about it for a moment. If a friend comes to us and says “do you think I need to lose a little weight?” What do we say.. Maybe something along the lines of “No, you look fantastic.” (well most of us would!!) My point is, when we talk to other people we’re generally really nice, positive, supportive and friendly. So then why do we flip that on it’s head and talk to ourselves in a hard, critical and negative way.


We can quite simply be our own worst enemy. We look at ourselves with hypercritical eyes. Pulling ourselves apart for a pastime. Thinking, this is wrong, that’s wrong. I don’t like my thighs. My legs are too short. My tummy sticks out. Whatever our perceived bad bits are, we endlessly beat ourselves up about them. We put ourselves down when we talk to other people. If you continuously use negative language about yourself then that’s what your brain will hear. In the end that will be who you are. It’s just a vicious circle and a self-fulfilling prophecy.


How about making an effort to be as nice to ourselves as we are to other people. Looking at our bodies with new eyes, as we would our friends’ bodies. Thinking, you know what, my legs aren’t half bad! My arms look  pretty good in a sleeveless top. My bum might be curvy but I look great in my jeans. We have bits of ourselves that we think could do with improvement, but we have bits that are really good too. We can focus on those good bits, and help to keep our self-talk positive.


The other thing we see everywhere at this time of year, again along the lines of – New Year, new you – is all the affirmations. We’re told to have an ‘attitude of gratitude’. Well, I think we can have that towards our own bodies. Because it is literally amazing! It keeps us going, it puts up with everything we throw at it. It bends, stretches, bounces back. It mends and heals. It supports us and carries us. It’s something we should wonder at and give the highest respect. We take our bodies for granted. We treat them harshly. Instead we should be thankful for our bodies literally every single day.


So show yourself some love today. Love the skin you’re in.





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