Sophie Scott Coaching

When I first started being coached by Sophie I was quite sceptical about the whole process having been to see a number of counsellors and therapists in the past.

Her approach is completely different from anything I have experienced before. Rather than spend time delving into historical issues we have addressed the here and now with a view to looking into the future. I feel I am now able to properly lay out my goals and aspirations and put them into a workable plan for the future with direction and purpose. Sophie’s ability to listen and ask the right questions enable you to come to the decisions you need to make the changes required. I can’t thank her enough.

Sophie Scott Coaching

How I found the life coaching useful:

Before starting the life coaching with you I was struggling with how to manage my time effectively, finding days stressful due to not being able to have the all important relax after a long day at work.

When first talking with you I felt reserved in terms of some of the areas of my life, however after talking more, things became easier to say. We worked on how to manage my time more effectively dividing my life into sections and seeing what took up the most time. After seeing that my time at home relaxing was very small I decided to spend more of my time doing this. This lifted my mood in a few weeks. We also worked on goals that I would like to achieve. I have so far achieved goals such as giving up smoking and leading a more active healthy lifestyle, so in that area your coaching was extremely helpful for me.

In a way I have learnt a lot about myself through your coaching and am very thankful for the knowledge you have also shared with me.

Thank you Sophie!

Sophie Scott Coaching

In the course of July to September 2013 I have been coached by Sophie Scott. We have had 4-5 sessions which have deducted via Skype and by e-mails.

Sophie has been very helpful setting up the right schedule and way up communicating so that it would suit my schedule and she conducted the process with professional skill as well as empathy from introduction to summary leaving me an opening for a follow up sessions should I wish for one.

It was a string of sessions where tools like The Circle of Life and later The Table of Belief, very efficiently guided me towards several parts of my life, private that I had an urge to address and evolve. With Sophie’s coaching I quickly realized how a certain question pushed itself forward and was the obvious to focus on during our sessions as how it could be addressed would affect some of the other things I’d like to negotiate.

As the sessions began and thoughts were allowed to form and spill out in a not always very consequent way, Sophie very calmly allowed me to move in and out on the question in play-to get all perspectives covered and then back to the core of what I was working on. It was a great help as I often find it very difficult to stay focused on the main issue and tend towards wallowing hither and dither if not guided a bit. It felt safe, was always executed with genuine interest and infused me with a feeling of following a model of some kind which was very helpful also in the interval between sessions. It was amazing to experience the train of thoughts that would follow our sessions- a time for me which also raised subsequent questions in my mind of how and why things are the way they are and caused quite a few fruitful conversations with my family and friends apart from the chatty conversations it led to in my brain.

I found Sophie’s suggestion of working with both Skype sessions and e-mail sessions ideal for me as we live in different countries/timezone and both lead quite busy lives. The sessions were incorporated into my schedule as Sophie was very flexible about hours and the e-mails could be done by either of us whenever it suited us within the range of days agreed. Using Skype was very nice as we had the feeling of a personal and direct contact where conversation could flow freely while e-mailing left room for afterthoughts and an actual feeling of putting your thoughts to ‘paper’, receiving a reply with counter- or additional questions were very helpful as I’d then have time to consider these before answering-sometimes pondering over these for days during my normal activities. This really felt like I was integrating a new process in my life.

As a result of the coaching sessions I am now further in my plans of emerging into a small business with a local friend- adding creativity and a ‘hobby’-feeling to my work life that I’ve felt missing for years.

We could easily have focused on several other topics but Sophie was very helpful in spotting this to be the thing that popped up and into every other aspect I listed as something I’d liked to address and this was something I hadn’t realized beforehand. Sophie’s choice of various questions asked showed great consideration and respect for my family situation, my personality and current possibilities for making changes to my life as a whole. It has been safe, positive and productive experience to work with Sophie over these few months and she has been a catalyst for me in opening up the questions of doing something ‘away from the beaten track’ to my husband and family as well as to myself. For this I am very thankful.

I wish Sophie all the best on her path forward in coaching and there’s no doubt in my mind that her coaching will be of great value and support to whoever come her way.