Sophie Scott Coaching

How I found the life coaching useful:

Before starting the life coaching with you I was struggling with how to manage my time effectively, finding days stressful due to not being able to have the all important relax after a long day at work.

When first talking with you I felt reserved in terms of some of the areas of my life, however after talking more, things became easier to say. We worked on how to manage my time more effectively dividing my life into sections and seeing what took up the most time. After seeing that my time at home relaxing was very small I decided to spend more of my time doing this. This lifted my mood in a few weeks. We also worked on goals that I would like to achieve. I have so far achieved goals such as giving up smoking and leading a more active healthy lifestyle, so in that area your coaching was extremely helpful for me.

In a way I have learnt a lot about myself through your coaching and am very thankful for the knowledge you have also shared with me.

Thank you Sophie!